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Entries will appear sporadically until our site is officially launched.

Currently based out of Manhattan, we've been utilizing The Foundation Center to advance our efforts. Marble Collegiate Church has also proved to be a valued resource as well. Three outstanding locations have been identified to exhibit some of The Cause Collection original artwork. However, we continue to look for a public sanctuary to exhibit the entire collection of original works while we tend to other orders of business. Some Cause Collection principles are being incorporated in designs for The Ground Zero Memorial and for the urban design for rebuilding Lower Manhattan.

Meanwhile, we're still seeking a Cultural Enrichment beneficiary. Via Harvard Business School's Initiative on Social Enterprise, the Harvard University Art Museums are considering participation in The Cause Collection. Hopefully this will complete the collection of associated nonprofit organizations and we can commence with our cause-related efforts. Perhaps The Coop will secure outsourcing for our Culture Shop's product merchandising and fulfillment services. Although refinements continue to appear on the site, technical challenges still prevent us from launching our efforts to college campuses.

Despite our shortcomings, one source considers our efforts "interesting and ambitious" while another believes we're "building a skyscraper." So, thank you for your perspectives and patience as we develop our work to fruition.


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