The touring Cause Collection Exhibit has been on hiatus since the illness and passing of Rose Russo. Although students now have direct access to The Cause Collection at this website's The Art of Cultural Renewal page, we certainly intend to respond to their demonstrated interest for experiencing the original works in the interactive context of a live touring exhibit once again.

If your campus is sincerely interested in participating as an official host of the next Cause Collection tour, please complete The Cause Collection Exhibit Agreement. Popular demand will create The Cause Collection's upcoming tour itinerary and we'll post it here once it's complete.

Statistics on The Cause Collection Exhibit

  1. Right on the Money! (24x35) collage
  2. Initiation by Quotation (22x32) assemblage
  3. The New World’s Order (90x48x48) freestanding assemblage
  4. An Unorthodox Quaker (50x24x24) freestanding assemblage/painting
  5. A Proper Perspective (12x50x60) freestanding assemblage/sculpture
  6. Meet the Artist! (55x24x12) assemblage/sculpture
  7. How Green Is Our Time? (24x17) painting
  8. The Key (30x28x11) assemblage/sculpture
  9. National Interest (30x40) painting
    (Creating National Interest (24x34) photo collage) optional
    (Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit (8x4x8) sculpture) optional
  10. Saving Grace (38x60) painting
  11. Prosperity (84x36) painting
  12. Forgive Them! (84x24x2) painting on wooden door
    (Good Friday (24x22) photo collage) optional
  13. How Now? (24x32) painting
  14. Global Warming (32x28x3) painting with oak frame
  15. Master Peace (36x60) painting
  16. Master Peace (30x18x18) assemblage
  17. New Glory (96x24) painting
  18. A New Age (24x24) collage
  19. ONE NEO EON, Creating a Virtuous Reality (22x37) college
  20. Language Art (33x24x12) freestanding prop art
  21. A Conscious Effort (40x40) painting
  22. The Wisdom of Harmony (68x68) painting
  23. Decent Exposure (60x36) and a small table for Encyclopedia of Associations (3 volumes)
  24. Face of Freedom (60x36) painting, as assemblage with mirror at right angle (60x72)
    (Liberty & Justice For All (36x24) painting, as assemblage with mirror at right angle (36x48)) optional
  25. Insite (24x36) painting
  26. Yesterday’s News/Thinker’s Vision (60x40x40) freestanding sculpture/painting
    (Strike the pose! (17x17x17) freestanding prop art for Thinker’s Vision) optional
    (Commonwealth (19x28) freestanding photo collage) optional

Additional tables are needed for support materials including Response-ability.